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How it works?

All members of the academic community of the Polytechnic of Leiria who study and / or work in the cities of Leiria, Caldas da Rainha, Peniche and Marinha Grande may apply to be assigned a bicycle, provided they are holders of driving licenses, users of individual motor transports on regular trips to and from our campuses and commit to ride a minimum of 40km per bike per month (slightly over 1km per day).


Selected users will be given a bike that will be available to them for up to 6 months. Each user must meet the monthly mileage targets and ensure responsible use of the bike, which is the responsibility of the user.


The bicycles acquired have a real-time georeferencing and communication system that will provide the the location and kilometers traveled by the bicycle. The registration of the data is completely anonymous and according to the Law.


Enjoy your city! U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria sets you free to explore Leiria and Oeste regions on two wheels.



Simply need to complete the application form and wait for our email.

Do you want to be a user of one of the bikes? Apply Now!

To be a user of one of the U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria bikes just fill the application form here.



Go to your bike and unlock it, using the mobile application or your identification card of the Polytechnic of Leiria

Please never forget, the use of helmet is mandatory!


Plan your trip

Do not forget that the shortest route is not always the best. Choose the safest route!


Unlock the bike

Use the mobile APP or tap card below screen to unlock bike.

Take the bike out of the dock or release the secondary lock.


Before use the bike

Check the bike, lights, pressure of the tires (3 bar) and battery charge.

Adjust the seat height for your confort and safe.


Follow the step instructions and enjoy your ride!



As you enjoy your ride, use the convenient bike screen to keep an eye on your rental time. The secondary lock can be used on regular bike racks for any quick stops you need to make along the way.

Please don't forget, obey the road code! (note: to translate the portuguese legislation use your browser translation page tool)


Keep in mind also our U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria regulation.


Please don´t forget the Safety Riding Tips!


Keep an eye on battery level.

During the trip make sure you have a sufficient battery level to reach your destination and return to the charging point.


Need to park during the course?

When you need, park your bike and, at least, put the secondary lock in the slot and wait for the lock signal.

To remove the secondary lock, use the mobile application or tap your Polytechnic of Leiria ID card below the bicycle display, in the middle of the handlebar.

You can continue your journey.



Use Mobile APP or dial (+351) 300 009 800 (working days from 09h00 to 17h30).


Travel assistance 24h/day, 7 days a week

If your bike is broken and/or you can not return where you want it, please contact one of our partners here.



Choose any U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria station and park your bike in the dock. If you need to stop in other places, park your bike and, at least, put the secondary lock in the slot and wait for the lock signal.

Do not forget, park your bike safely!



If you are using the Mobile APP to unlock your bike, never lock it with the secondary lock in places without access to the mobile network of MEO (the operator provider of the mobile communications integrated into the U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria bikes).


In an empty docking point, push the bike firmly. In other places, always use, at least, the secondary lock. Message on screen confirms if the bike is securely locked.


In the city, despite all the safety measures incorporated into the U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria bikes, remember that there are several types of stands or racks. The inverted U stand is one of the most common and one of the most safest, in this stand you can protect the frame and/or booth of the wheels of the bike. If you find that the use of your bicycle's secondary lock is not enough, purchase and use other locks.


Always park your bike in places that are visible and safe!


At home, to save battery power, turn off your bike placing your fingers in the holes of the front fork until you hear the sound of the bike (it simulates the parking on a docking point). Then, if you wish, you can put the secondary lock.


Want to know how U-Bike - Polytechnic of Leiria is helping the Leiria and Oeste regions?

Everyone can use our data to analyze and study the positive impacts Polytechnic of Leiria is having on Leiria e Oeste regions. Together, we can improve the vibrancy, connectivity, and livability across the these regions!


No of bikes


Total accumulated distance (km) (in real time)


Energy saving (toe) (in May 2nd, 2022)


Active Users (in real time)


Total users (in real time)


Primary energy savings (%) (in May 2nd, 2022)


CO2 emissions reduction (Kg) (in May 2nd, 2022)


Top check-out stations
Serviços Centrais
C2 - Edif. A - Frente
Top return stations
Serviços Centrais
C2 - Edif. A - Frente